WELCOME PsychoticBeautyCosplay to KRAMPUS KON

Whether it’s Horror, anime and anything in between, meet PsychoticBeautyCosplay! Originally from Queens,New York, miss Marie started her cosplay career in 2016. Growing up she always had a passion for dressing up, and as she grew older that passion only grew.  Being more into the make up side of things, she dabbles in SFX make up, as seen in some of her cosplays such as her battle damage Kitana. Also being a performer, you can catch her putting on a show with Ybor City Sirens, or going all out with her k/da group, K/DA of Florida! Whether it’s performing, make up or sewing she puts her heart into any and everything she does. You can find her on social at @PsychoticBeautyCosplay for all her con adventures, @PsychoticBeautyBurlesque for some amazing performances with Ybor City Sirens, and @K.DAOfFlorida for all things kda, from putting on a mini kda concert to panels and even lip sync battles. Marie is super excited to see everyone at Krampus Kon.

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